Orthotic Transfer Papers

Orthotic Transfer Papers

Adding color and patterns to thermoplastic braces is a great way to get children to wear their braces and a way for teens and adults to express themselves.

Our transfer paper is used to add color and designs to thermoplastic orthoses (a.k.a. braces) such as AFO’s, KAFO’s and TLSO’s. Our paper is indicated for use in orthoses made from Polypropylene, Co-Polymer and Polyethylene.

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Giving your child a voice in the color and design of his/her AFO can be very helpful.  Children respond better when they have some sense of control. Adding fun colors and patterns makes the brace “less medical”.

It’s not uncommon for parents to report that their child went to school with the AFOs featuring a fun and colorful design and having the other kids say ‘I want those!’ It almost becomes a personal fashion statement. If it’s more appealing to the kids, then they are more likely to wear the braces.

Orthotic Transfers allows you to make it more about something fun for a toddler, or something fashionable for an older child.