Orthotic Transfer Paper FAQs

Why does the orthotic transfer paper give off a smoke sometimes when transferring to thermoplastic?
This is normal with the darker patterns when placed in an oven around 450 degrees. Our PA inks go from a solid to a gas when permeating the hot thermoplastic. When placed in a very hot oven the inks that are left on the paper and have not penetrated the thermoplastic will vaporize. This will not affect the quality of the transfer and the vapor is harmless. Our PA inks are water soluble, green based inks that are not harmful. When the substrate has been penetrated fully by the ink the left over ink will sometimes gas into a harmless vapor.

At what temperature do your inks release?
Our PA inks will release between 375 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Orthotic Transfer Paper FAQs
Orthotic Transfer Paper Questions & Answers